The Crown Vacuum Stripper is designed to follow a primary desolventizer, such as the Crown Down Draft Desolventizer or Flash Desolventization System, and to strip away the solvent to achieve low solvent ppms. When a high PDI product is required, the vacuum stripper will operate under a vacuum to minimize heat input to the product. The vacuum can be adjusted so it is possible to make a median PDI product, as well.

The vacuum stripper is a vertically oriented cylindrical vessel with heated trays that is designed to operate under vacuums as high as half an atmosphere. Each tray is provided with a variable speed rotary valve, making it possible to hold material levels on each tray.

The vacuum stripper is provided with close tolerance rotary valves on the feed and discharge to minimize leakage into the vessel.

  • Operation under vacuum to fully strip away the solvent without overheating the product
  • Adjustable operating conditions to make products with adjustable PDI
  • Compact design
  • Low solvent ppms with minimal hexane loss
  • Vessel and system design minimizes in-leakage of air into the system, minimizing the effect on plant mineral oil systems
  • Robust design of the vacuum seals