The Crown Down Draft Desolventizer (DDD) is ideal for temperature-sensitive products where strict control of residence time is required. The gentle motion minimizes breakage of soft or irregularly shaped products.

The DDD is also ideal for larger particles that require extended residence times for drying.

Utilizing the concepts of shallow bed depths and multiple bed turnovers, the DDD is compact in design and offers an indirect heating system for desolventizing white flakes for high PDI or NSI meal.

  • Compact design takes up less floor space
  • Uses low-pressure indirect steam to safely drive off hexane vapors
  • Flexible operation; fine-tune the system for the ideal combination of PDI, residual hexane and steam consumption
  • Continuous counter-current extraction arrangement for improved extraction efficiency
  • Immersion in a bath of solvent for good solvent product contact without short-circuiting
  • Sanitary, easy-to-clean designs provide access for maintenance