Ideal for the drying of powders, filter and centrifuge cakes and slurries when a fine end product is desired, the Crown Milling Flash Dryer uses low-pressure jets of hot air to break materials down to their elemental particle size. It prevents agglomerates from forming during the drying process and oftentimes provides a finer product than traditional mechanical milling dryers.

  • Delivers a fine end product that does not require further milling
  • Dry and de-agglomerate in a single step
  • Particle-to-particle collisions achieve fine products without moving parts
  • Extremely short residence times for temperature-sensitive products
  • Jet milling principles preserve particle distribution present in wet feed
  • Small footprint minimizes building space requirements
  • Static classifier minimizes product top size
  • Energy-efficient, custom-engineered drying systems
  • Can provide direct and indirect heating systems using a variety of heat sources