The Dryer-Cooler (DC), when used with the Desolventizer-Toaster (DT), will dry and cool almost any solvent-extracted, vegetable-oil-bearing meal. The drying and cooling is accomplished by injecting heated air in the drying section and using ambient-temperature air to cool the meal in the cooling section. The evenly distributed flow of hot air and cool air in a true counter-current system is highly efficient and reduces energy costs while producing a meal with the desired characteristics for sale and storage.

The DC unit works equally well combined with a DT or used as a separate unit, depending upon customer preference.

The DC used in a specialty application is a direct contact dryer that uses the heat and water in the product to dry and simultaneously cool the product with minimal air.

  • Operates on soybeans, canola, rapeseed, sunflower, peanuts, corn germ, woodchips, cottonseed, palm kernel and a wide variety of other products
  • Crown DCs are available for pilot scale to large scale production capabilities
  • Counter-current design maximizes thermal efficiency
  • Semi-fluidized bed minimizes material attrition
  • Vertical multiple tray design minimizes footprint
  • One-piece steel shell to prevent leakage
  • Hard-surfaced steel sweep arms for longer wear
  • Automatic gate mechanisms are adjustable for loading each tray with the desired depth of meal
  • Heavy-duty gate bearings and seals for long wear and minimum leakage
  • Quick-opening round manholes for easy access and tight closure