Crown’s continuous deodorizer is a packed column type, which offers superior performance over tray deodorizers.

Crown’s MaxEfficiency deodorizing system is more energy efficient and easier to service than single-vessel, all-in-one designs.

Crown’s Double Shell Packed Column (DSPC) deodorizer offers the strongest protection from air infiltration compared to traditional single-shell packed column designs. The DSPC houses the packing for free fatty acid (FFA) stripping in a column inside the deodorizer, enabling independent operation from the deodorizer’s retention section.

Each step of the MaxEfficiency deodorizing process is designed for the optimal performance of the system as a whole.

The deodorizer de-acidifies and deodorizes oil in physical refining and deodorizes oil in chemical refining.

Crown offers two distillate-scrubbing options: a high-efficiency design for a single distillate and a dual scrubber for concentrating recovered tocopherols. Several vacuum systems can be used—traditional and direct and indirect vacuum systems or chilled loop and ice-condensing vacuum systems.

  • Highest deodorizing efficiency
  • Lowest steam and fuel consumption
  • Maximum protection of the oil and packed column
  • Maximum vacuum on retention trays
  • Minimal fouling of heat exchanger surfaces and packing
  • Variable time in retention section
  • Improved access for maintenance
  • Double shell for vapor bypass, maximizing vacuum on retention trays and protecting packing
  • Structured packing for stripping fatty acids and other volatiles from oil
  • Plug-flow, steam-agitated retention trays with bypasses to vary the retention time
  • Deaerator and post-deodorizer with structured packing to maximize air, moisture and volatile removal
  • External heat exchangers to maximize energy recovery
  • Independent vessels and external heat exchangers for easier and safer maintenance, economic upgrades and capacity increases
  • No coils inside the deodorizer
  • High-efficiency scrubber for minimal fatty matter carryover to the vacuum system
  • Hermetic sealed pumps for minimum air leakage
  • Steam-sealed manways on the deodorizer