Vertical flash dryers are designed for the efficient drying of a wide range of fine and coarse materials, including fibers, fish meals, clays, metallic powders, pigments, polymers, grains and starches.

A combination of hot air and product enter the vertical column and static classifier where the bulk of the material is dried. Residence time is set so that coarser material is dried without particle breakage. Extended residence times allow drying at lower outlet temperatures, improving thermal efficiency.

  • Once-through flow of product protects temperature-sensitive material
  • Product is evenly dispersed into hot air stream, providing uniform treatment
  • Minimum operator attention required
  • Controlled residence time is adjustable to provide sufficient time for drying or for other chemical reactions
  • Vertical construction minimizes floor space
  • Energy-efficient, custom-engineered drying systems
  • Can provide direct and indirect heating systems using a variety of heat sources