In any preparation process, the soybeans are cleaned prior to further processing. The cleaning step may include aspiration, classification by size, removal of stones and removal of metals.

For Hot Dehulling, the next step is the Vertical Seed Conditioner, which provides both conditioning and drying of whole soybeans. The whole soybeans are then passed through the Jet Dryer, which finishes the conditioning and prepares the soybean hull for easier removal during times when the hull is bound tightly to the soybean. After the Jet Dryer, the soybeans are immediately cracked, and the soybean hulls are removed in the Crown Cascade Dryer (CCD) and Crown Cascade Cooler (CCC).

Warm Dehulling also incorporates the Vertical Seed Conditioner, but does not include the Jet Dryer. The Vertical Seed Conditioner provides all of the heating, conditioning and drying for the whole soybean. The soybeans are cracked and then aspirated with the CCD and CCC for hull removal.

Cold Dehulling requires lower moisture content since there is no drying step in the process. The soybeans are cracked and aspirated for hull removal and then conditioned using the Vertical Seed Conditioner.